QueridasAmigas (DearestFriends)

by: Dreamsong

  • Published: February 11, 2014 @ 4:37:08 pm
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...Nearing the end of her first thousand years as ruler of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle finds herself returning more often to the fields and hills outside what was once Ponyville - her home. Remembering her earliest years and the dearest friends who will forever live within her heart. ------------------------------------ It is not the most popular of concepts, "Immortal Twilight," but when TheFreal approached me with the first draft of the lyrics of "Princess Forever," (a parody of "Viva Forever" by Spice Girls,) it struck me to the core of my heart. A very long time ago, I lived on the edge of the Alaskan frontier, several miles north of Fairbanks. My team of six wonderful sleddogs and I saved one-anothers' lives countless times on our adventures into the wilderness. That was my Ponyville. As years passed, I watched as one-by-one my own dearest friends, my own Mane6 grew old and passed-away in my arms. So... popular or no, I can relate. -------------------------- QUERIDAS AMIGAS (Dearest Friends) (A parody of "Viva Forever") Lyrics by TheFreal and Amadhia Performed by Amadhia (Dreamsong) Featuring Malstorm on Guitar, Drums and Bass Featuring Lilypad on Harmony Vocals