by: AWal

  • Published: February 9, 2017 @ 4:44:11 pm
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Well shucks...Here it is. This one is totally fun, and I hope you all enjoy. This is the original song I debuted at Ponycon 2017. A forwarding driving groove with a "Fun" twist. I spent way to long making this silly little medley, but I didn't do it for me...I did it for those that like fun fast paced tracks like this one. I guess this track would technically be what one would consider Horse Music as well...heh. SoundCloud: Clyp: FLAC Download: NI STEMS Download: FL Zipped Loop Package:!oI1RQQST!LGY0v5URyIiD2MilatHRzycOfCI_bWpbApnS6Q3b_1Q Remix Inserts (.wav stems):!kMMQCJBI!hWiWlw-M-hjlECxHW4vd2GGGvopJWkKyQw7ITisExK0 Midi:!YAFWmLrK!2n2qQCM5TCuNIZiRdhxng5hdB05NRnW_a4rZjxK-D2Q